Day of Joy and Surprise for Children

For the 10th consecutive year (December 5th, 2023), SEDA (Center for the Development of Women and their Families) commemorates the birthday of Monsignor Amado Romer. A priest and sociologist, whose birthday was celebrated every day with cooking, sharing meals, sweet treats, and gifts for children. He is the sun-loving father who planted such a strong social doctrine that today we know about the struggles of unionism, cooperative work, and religious activities with strong reasons.

Two years ago, ...

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Valuable lessons about Success from the Barrel of Crabs. 

Explore "From the Barrel of Crabs to V of Victory," a special edition newspaper by SEDA. Delve into the crab mentality, its historical impact on communities, the symbolism of Cowrie Shells, and lessons from Geese. Guides on rebellion, slavery, and national heroes are included. Uncover personal empowerment and success within this rich cultural and historical exploration.

Social, Material, & Legal Assistance

Social & Legal Assistance

We offer social & legal assistance both individually and in support groups, "Circles" and aftercare to anyone who comes for help or is referred.

Restorative Practices Circles and Values

Restorative Practices

As a licensed International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) organization, we. provide both training and support for implementing restorative practices and restorative justice circles and processes.

SEDA Holistic Education Family Center

Holistic Center

SEDA is a center for holistic family education based on the 9 Intelligence Types and 5 Primary Areas of Personality and Education Change enabling and strengthening the family as the essential element of a healthy society.

Weekly Radio Program

Listen to us every Monday at 6:00 - 7:00PM on Radio Hoyer I 101.9 FM